About me

About me
Alles Gut, translation and business services
Irena Filipec-Ursić
Kala 1a, Selca, Brač island, Croatia
+385 (0)91 322 3330
[email protected]

About me

I discovered my passion for languages during my studies in AUSTRIA, where I was born and raised bilingually. My mother tongue is Croatian, but German is my principal language, even to this day. In addition to that, I studied English in both elementary school and high school.

At the University of Vienna I completed a Master’s degree as a translator of A. German, B. Croatian and C. Russian languages. Later I moved to GERMANY where I lived for 10 years and worked, among other, as a certified court translator for German and Croatian.

During my career as an Executive Assistant with international companies in both Austria and Germany I often used English for general communication.  

These days, me and my family live on the beautiful island of Brač – once upon a time my frequent vacation destination – where I work as a translator.